Changing Lives With One Act Of Kindness

Today I'm taking a moment to share this video here on my blog to inspire you, to make a change in someone's life, by simply performing a random act of kindness.

We move through the day on "autopilot", never flinching outside of the pace of a daily routine. Simply put, although we are physical awake, we are truly asleep. 

Our preprogrammed actions, thinking processes, and verbal responses are just "knee-jerk" responses, that occur without any thought.

What if we consciously made the decision to focus purely on serving our fellow earthlings, in such a way that our natural "knee-jerk" responses, delivered results that brought joy, happiness, cheer, gratitude, elation, gladness, blissfulness, comfort, delight and most of all a feeling of being LOVED....

...Is it possible? OF COURSE!

Today, take the time to think of a way that you can change someones life by doing a simple act of kindness. 

Then practice it into your routine, by making it the second thing you think about when you wake up everyday, after you give "THANKS" to our SOURCE and CREATOR for HIS KINDNESS TO THE WORLD <3


Empowered By One



I want to send out a HUGE Thank You to LifeVestInside for creating this AWESOME video about "Random Acts of Kindness". I also want to Thank Mike Dooley of T.U.T. for sharing this video and encouraging humanity to take the time to celebrate "Random Acts of Kindness Day", which we will continue to do at every chance, everyday. #tutkindness #empoweredbyone #lifevestinside


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