Your Source Is Limitless

Have you ever taken the time to assess your beliefs? What do you truly believe?

Belief is just your conscious mind aligning your thinking with a feeling of either surety or its contrast.

In reviewing your beliefs, one can also make the conscious shift from the feelings that are conjured up from the "thinking brain", to an unadulterated, pure feeling that manifests through thoughts aligned with the Source Energy within.

When that shift occurs, it is a free flowing, limitless energy that brings fruition or manifestation of what is organically in your plan.

How does one begin making the shift to this place of pure unconscious truth?

Start by clearing your mind of all thoughts and focus completely on the Source Energy within your BEing. Quiet your mind through meditation and relaxation. Allow your higher conscious to guide your thoughts, motions and actions.

Attaining this level of higher vibration allows your chosen plan to manifest through the limitless Source Energy within. To maintain the continuum of your end result, it only takes 17 seconds of continued focus to bring more of your manifestation to you.

For every 17 seconds beyond the first 17, more and more momentum is focused on your result and will bring more "like" energy into your reality. Make note that this limitless energy is applied to all manifestations whether positive or contrast to positive. Choose wisely where the focus is placed, since Source only gives you more of what you focus on.

These universal laws or universal order comes from withIN your BEing. These laws exist and are embedded withIN YOU. Just tap into it and make no mistake that YOU ARE what you think yourself to BE.

I AM Empowered by ONE

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